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Tong Lau - the Colorful Building Blocks

 Tong Lau (Cantonese) are the tenement buildings built in late 19th century to 1960s in Hong Kong, which are a critical part of Hong Kong’s urban history. In this collection, I try to use the concept of building blocks to compose pictures, which taken from different time and places, into a single image, in both real and surreal ways so as to highlight the various characteristic of such iconic buildings. 


Skyless City

 Hong Kong is a city with countless tall buildings in an extremely high density. Basically, sunlight is not shone directly onto the ground unless during noon time. And, you cannot see the sky horizontally unless you raise your head. This collection is inspired by this idea by combining 2 photos to emphasis such iconic scene of Hong Kong. 


City of Musical Scores

In the collection, I try to compose musical scores with images while attempting to capture the time and movement of soccer playground audiences. The stand is a five-line staff and the people are musical notes. People on the stand who are resting, chatting, eating, or watching soccer game, are inadvertently composed a city musical. 


City Puzzle: Hong Kong

'City Puzzle' is my latest photography project. I collect those iconic scenery of Hong Kong in different places and different times, and collaborate them into a picture using the concept of puzzle. I would like to explore if it is possible to show the arrow of time passing through space in a 2D dimension image. 


Legography: Hong Kong Scene

In this collection, I interprets Hong Kong iconic scenes by marrying them with his Lego figures. Titled ‘Legography’, this body of work recreates a typical Hong Kong citizen’s view of his hometown with a healthy measure of local humour, bringing witty charm and fun to the photographs. Drawing on the innocence and naivety embodied in the Lego figures, I would like to capture the essential mood and character of Hong Kong, and appeals to the viewers’ childlike spirit.


Legography: Hong Kong Food

Hong Kong is reputed as a “food paradise” for several decades.  In this collection, I interprets Hong Kong iconic food by marrying them with his Lego figures. 


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