Legography x Hong Kong Food

As born and bred in Hong Kong, I have a high passion for Hong Kong food, especially those snacking such as egg tart and fish balls. As such, I created a photo series call "Legography x Hong Kong Food" so as to promote such delicious and iconic local food.
This book contains most of the Legography x Hong Kong Food photos, as well as the introduction and a brief history of each kind of food. It also contains some tips of Lego and food photography.
Issue date: July 2017
ISBN: 987-988-8463-96-1

Street Legography Photo Album

Legography x Hong Kong Scene

Many people have asked if I am a collector of Lego. To be honest, I had not come across Lego until my wife passed me a box which she had played with as a child. Wondering what to do with these Lego figures, the idea struck me to use them in my street photography, replacing people with the small yellow figures, created this "Street Legography" photo collection series.
Issue date: May 2015
ISBN: 978-988-12824-1-5